ALWAZAH TEA brand was established in 1954 and owned by Sulaiman AlAbdulKarim & Bros. WLL. The focus had been always to balance the prefect taste to the satisfaction of customer’s and maintaining brand distinguished flavor. Quality of our products was maintained by selecting the best crops from single origin Ceylon tea

ALWAZAH TEA expanded from a local brand starting from KUWAIT to be present through our well established distributers worldwide. This to ensure our products are available in markets such as GCC, USA, Australia, Jordan, and other more.

Working closely with our exclusive tea supplier Finlays is one of the world’s foremost Tea companies with over 250 years of experience in the tea industry with production, blending, packaging and trading expertise. Finlays’ 15,000 hectares in estates in Sri Lanka and Kenya produce over 40 million kilograms and trade over 100 million kilograms of Tea a year which is processed, blended, packed and supplied to markets in the US, UK, Continental Europe and Asia. Finlays Tea is a preferred blend across the world, trusted for its consistency in quality.

Finlays was established in Sri Lanka in 1893 and is one of the oldest companies in the country. Our Tea production strength stems from our experience in both sourcing and packaging. We also own our tea estates, enabling us to keep a check on quality and crop flow to deliver a consistent stream of the finest Ceylon Tea.

Our distribution networks are founded on relationships that we have established and maintained for decades. Our product portfolio includes the world-renowned Ceylon Black Tea which we offer in different forms ranging from bulk to packets and teabags, and we also use it in the blending of flavoured tea.

Finlays’ modern manufacturing facilities cater to the changing needs of our international clientele. The most recent introduction to our product range includes pure Ceylon Green Tea which we offer in a variety of forms and produce at our start-of the art manufacturing facility complete with a modern laboratory and Tea tasting assembly. We continuously invest in research, process improvement and blend discovery to ensure we give the world only the finest Ceylon Tea.