Brewing-Black-Tea-300x224The Tea in all Alwazah packs is manufactured within hours of harvesting and packed only a few days after manufacture. Therefore, Alwazah Tea is garden fresh, thus retaining the original quality. Our skilled Tea Tasters examine and analyze samples of approximately 7,000 different lots of Tea which are produced each week to obtain those which are suitable for the Alwazah Brand.


2015-06-19_7-57-56We pride ourselves on our ability to source and blend Teas to precisely meet the varied and demanding tastes of individual customers. Blending consistency is achieved through the rich experience of our Tasters who each counts over 20 years in the trade.

Our tea tasting and blending staff are specially trained over the years to distinguish the different characteristics of each individual tea. Their main task is to find teas suitable for packaging under the Alwazah Brand and to ensure that every pack of Alwazah Tea maintains the identical taste and quality. Finally, all blends of Alwazah Tea are personally approved by our Master Blender prior to packaging.